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Marketing Direct High-end Telemarketing Explained

What Makes Marketing Direct High-end Telemarketing Different?  Establishing Trust and Credibility  Marketing Direct high-end telemarketing is not the kind of telemarketing that annoys people. I connect with your clients and prospects in a very personal way so they  view my calls as an extension of your brand…your company…your team.         Marketing Direct High-end […]

Source New Clients Marketing Direct

Can I Help You Source New Clients?    What Makes My Service Different Nobody likes being pestered by telemarketers. So important you know I do not outsource your calls to call centers (see “Best Phone Prospecting” at bottom of page). Establishing Trust & Credibility To Help You Source New Clients  I build a rapport to establish a credible […]

Sales Team Prospecting Services Explained

Sales Team Prospecting To Find High-end Clients   What Makes My Service Different Finding high-end clients by having your sales team prospecting by phone is one way to get more customers.     Helping your sales team prospecting — especially with high-end clients and engaging them for you so you can eventually meet the most qualified prospects […]

Finding High-End Customers By Telemarketing Explained

Finding High-end Customers By Telemarketing    What Makes My Service Different Finding high-end customers by telemarketing is what I do for my clients and perhaps I can help you too. Just know that my approach for enaging your prospects by phone and getting them interested in what you can do for them is not the usual […]

Find New Customers Using This Old-school method

Old School Way To Build Trust and Credibility When Reaching Out To Find New Customers What I’m talking about is NOT voice-mail or sending e-mail blasts like you (and your competitors) are used to doing to find new customers. That herd mentality — doing what everybody else does — let’s drop that for now.  Let’s test […]

Phone Prospecting New Customers

Phone Prospecting New Customers So Your Prospect Wants To Learn More About Your Services  and What Makes You Worth Listening To  What you do is different. What you offer is different. And that YOU are different. These are the three fundamental keys to effectively phone prospecting new customers. What’s important to grasp now is the […]

Discovery Call Telemarketing Process

Effective discovery call telemarketing process explained  Finding new customers is never easy.               Especially now…because information overload makes us skeptical and hesitant to believe anything from anyone.  Consider your emails and voice-mails.  How many were sent to you today? Same overload your prospects deal with…day after day. How to get […]