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Marketing Direct Video Brochures

 Marketing Direct Video Brochures       Click “Full Screen” To Enlarge Welcome To Marketing Direct gives you introduction to my Marketing Direct services plus link to testimonials. You can download this brochure and share with your sales team.                                    […]

Generating Qualified Cold Call Sales Leads

Step-By-Step Process Generating Qualified Cold Call Sales Leads  What if I told you that generating qualified cold call sales leads is a methodical process completely different from old way telemarketing? You would say I am out of touch with the digital age and that cold calling is dead. Harvard Business Review On-Line   Yet Harvard […]

TeleMagic CRM Review

Although I’ve been using TELEMAGIC for 23 years I continue to marvel how TELEMAGIC outperforms cloud based CRM applications costing many thousands of dollars more.

Overlooked Sales Development Techniques

 Why so many sales managers consider cold calling among obsolete sales development techniques Be it small firm or large multinational— most sales managers get promoted because they did a good job in sales While sales skills vary, when it comes to translating those skills into making their sales team succeed the managers follow pretty much […]

Cold Calling Sales Tips

Cold calling is a practical way to get new customers. But most salespeople don’t want to make those calls. My cold calling sales tips will get you going.

High Tech Sales Lead Development

Effective high tech sales lead development begins and ends with REAL -TIME follow up calls. But most sales people fail at follow-up.

New Client Sales Prospecting Tips

Nothing beats real time follow-up by phone for boosting new client sales prospecting efficiency. But most salespeople are too busy to make those calls.