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Finding New Clients

Finding new clients to replace those who have drifted away  Finding new clients is a never ending process.  Helping you find new clients is what my high-end phone prospecting is all about. Finding New Clients By Phone Prospecting But my approach is not the usual telemarketing strategy used by telemarketing call centers.   Test a TRIAL […]

Develop Better B2B Sales Leads

Develop Better B2B Sales Leads By Establishing Trust My system of real-time follow-up calls helps you develop better B2B sales leads by establishing trust and building credibility with your best sales prospects. ¬†What’s included ¬†Build effective B2B lead lists with introductory business development cold Develop an effective sales lead follow-up process to your best prospects […]

Effective Sales Lead Follow-Up Plans

Are Your Sales Reps Too Busy For Effective Sales Lead Follow-Up? Making calls at lunch or between sales appointments is how most sales reps handle sales lead follow-up calls. At best this hit-or-miss process reaches only a small fraction of your best sales prospects. My system of real-time follow-up calls gives you the full court […]

Convert More Prospects Into Becoming Your Customers

To win new customers voice-mail and email are not enough.Yet too many sales organizations rely on voice-mail and e-mail for their sales lead follow-up.

Business Sales Lead Follow Up Services

Sales lead follow up failure kills your sales lead generation conversion rates and harms your bottom line. It’s an all too common problem with sales people.

Sales Lead Follow Up

Makes sales easier! Be consistent with your sales lead follow up. These calls are HUGE. Yet here is where sales organizations fail. Their follow up is lousy