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Tested Direct Marketing Services Explained

Thank you for your interest in possibly working together. To help you determine if I’m a good fit for what you need I’ll give you a detailed summary of my marketing direct services.

Learn Effective Phone Prospecting

Gain Skills & Confidence For Finding & Developing High Level Execs Into Becoming Your Customers. Learn effective phone prospecting practices.

Why it’s so hard to fill sales jobs

“In business, nothing happens until somebody sells something.” Forbes is one of my sources for business news and this story caught my eye:Why You Can’t Fill Sales Positions With Millennials, And What You Can Do To Change This. In business EVERYTHING revolves around sales (“nothing happens unless somebody sells something”). But how do you get […]

Sales Lead Development

Improve  Sales Lead Development Process By Establishing Trust My system of real-time follow-up calls helps you improve your sales lead development process by establishing trust and building credibility with your best sales prospects.  What’s included Build effective B2B lead lists with introductory business development cold calls. Develop an effective sales lead follow-up process to your […]

Outsourcing Business Development Phone Calls

Tips, advice & lots more on B2B cold call prospecting by phone for your business

Sales Development Tips for Sales Managers

For sales managers who want to buck the trend of lock-stepping through daily corporate sales life these tested direct marketing tips will help.

Unsettling News For Old Way Business Prospecting B2B

Times are changing. This article in FORBES may unsettle your business prospecting strategy. Keep doing what you’re doing…and get the same results. Or click this article heading and “get with the program”.

B2B Lead Generation Phone Prospecting

Generating sales leads by phone prospecting is an incredibly efficient way to reach new markets and test new offers for a small fraction of what a full blown marketing campaign would cost your business.