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Customer Focused Outreach Services

The more you personalize your customer’s sales journey the more they are likely to buy from you. By hunting, prospecting, qualifying and nurturing relationships for your sales reps to pursue my customer focused outreach services can help your business grow. This includes targeting new clients with just the right message as well as revitalizing past […]

Fix Your Sales Follow-up Call Process

Having an effective sales follow-up call process is where most sales organizations drop the ball.  What do I mean by effective sales follow-up call process? First of all, it is not sending out email blasts. And it’s NOT intrusive or annoying like the telemarketing calls you are used to getting. To be effective a sales […]

How To Develop Quality Sales Leads Phone Prospecting

Can I Help You Develop Quality Sales Leads By Phone Prospecting?  There is no fast and easy way to develop quality sales leads by phone. Lots of patience and lots of persistence are required. But your reward will be a pipeline of high-value new business prospects that you can develop in your own unique ways to […]

Effective Sales Lead Prospecting

Effective Sales Lead Prospecting By Phone Strategy Explained Effective sales lead prospecting by phone can be effective for establishing one-to-one personal contact with new business prospects.[singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=right] Especially important are real-time follow-up calls. Done with the right personal touch these calls create trust…build credibility…and show prospects your services are better than the competition. But most […]