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Personalized Relationship-Building Phone Prospecting Custom Fit To Your Markets

Personalized phone prospecting with data-driven, real-time follow-up for building relationships to help you keep more customers and get more customers. Short, simple summary of what you get with my services,

B2B Sales Organization Strategy Tips

Is reluctance to experiment putting your B2B sales organization behind the eight ball? Break free now! Try these tested direct marketing tips.

Fortune 500 Sales Development Tips

Reluctance to experiment is common in Fortune 500 sales organizations. Buck this trend by using tested direct marketing principles. Get them in free book.

Corporate Sales Development Test Strategy

Lock-stepping though daily corporate sales development life is all too common. Buck this epidemic with tested direct marketing principles .

Sales Marketing Test Strategy

The reluctance to experiment has become epidemic and may already have taken hold of your sales and marketing organization.

Outsourced Business Development Cold Calling

Outsourced Business Development Cold Calling Trial projects you can test for a small fraction of what a full blown marketing campaign would cost you.

Cold Calling High Tech Decision Makers

Getting QUALITY new business appointments with more revenue per sales lead than old way telemarketing is what my cold calling high tech is all about.

Cold Call List Building

Cold calling can be just as engaging and interactive as social media….enabling you to connect with your customers and potential customers in a very personal way.

B2B Small Business Sales Lead Marketing

B2B small business sales lead marketing by phone can be effective for establishing one-to-one personal contact with new business prospects.

Small Business Sales Generation B2B Tips

Small business sales generation b2b by phone is an effective tested direct marketing strategy. When you subscribe to my update tips here’s what you’ll get.

Business Prospecting By Phone

The key to effective business prospecting by phone is real-time follow-up calls. Voice mail and email follow-up are OK. But not enough to win new business.

Appointment Sales Qualification Process

 Appointment Sales Qualification By Phone Here’s is an appointment sales qualification phone process  for building a base of qualified sales prospects you can develop into becoming your customers. This strategy is simple, straightforward and easy to implement. But it works. Q:What’s the first goal of sales qualification by phone? A: Effective sales qualification by phone begins […]

High End B2B Telemarketing Services Explained

My sales prospecting services can help you execute YOUR sales process in a more effective & consistent fashion so that you can increase your close rates & revenues. Sales prospecting video tells how.

Sales Prospecting High Tech

Hi Tech Channel Sales Prospecting Services helps you execute your Sales Process in a more Effective & Consistent fashion so that you can Increase Your Close Rates & Revenues.

can help you execute your Sales Process in a more Effective & Consistent fashion so that you can Increase Your Close Rates & Revenues.

Outsourced Sales Prospecting B2B Test

Are your marketing dollars churning out sales leads that go nowhere? My outsourced sales prospecting can get you back on track.

Direct Marketing B2B

Direct Marketing B2B is a practical way to reach new B2B markets and get new business appointments without the high costs of a regular sales organization.

B2B Sales Generation CRM

CUSTOMER SERVICE MEANS SURVIVAL.Grow your business by giving your customers better service, greater value and more attention. CRM support services for small business. Sales prospecting follow-up calls work wonders for building your prospect base and converting prospects into loyal customers.

Sales Lead Generation By Phone

There’s no quick fix for finding qualified sales prospects and converting these prospects into loyal customers. But the three tips in this video will make your sales prospecting easier and way more productive

Sales Generation Marketing Booster

Sales Prospecting Tools Can Improve Your Sales Prospecting, Appointment Setting &Lead Management Process. This video explains how using Telemagic.

Business Sales Lead Generation Test

Before you outsource to a call center test my lead generation sales prospecting with a small trial project. You track and measure what I do for you. You and I work together…getting you exactly the lead qualification process you need to convert prospects into revenue.

Outbound B2B Telemarketing

Outbound B2B telemarketing has the highest response of all media. Better than direct mail. Better than e-mail marketing! Better than social media! Outbound telemarketing beats them all.These are the findings from The Direct Marketing Association.

B2B Telemarketing Lead Generation Tips

Five tested telemarketing sales lead generation tips for marketing your business and advertising your services.

Sales Lead Generation Prospecting Made Easier

Work smarter. Build your prospect list using a sales automation platform to organize and streamline everything you do so you have more time to contact new customers and better service the ones you already have.

Sales Prospecting CRM Follow-Up Calls

Sales prospecting CRM calls forwards the sales process and keeps your sales prospects from drifting away. A little CRM goes a long way building loyalty.

Sales Prospecting B2B Lead Generation Mistake

Avoid the most common cold calling mistake: trying to book your appointment on your first call. Use follow-up calls to engage your prospects with questions to probe their real needs and what you can do for them.

Sales Prospecting Lead Generation

Sales prospecting starts by finding the right prospects. Then, once you qualify their interest you begin the relationship building process…educating them — over time — on why they are better off buying from you rather than from your competitors.

Phone Prospecting Script

An effective lead generation sales script keeps you on course…controlling the progress and often the outcome of your call.

Business Development B2B Lead Generation

Sales prospecting services for sales organizations in high end sales.Close sales faster with this tested service. More effective than one call telemarketing.