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Telemarketing New Clients

Telemarketing New Clients. This Tested Stragegy May Work For You.      Just about everybody wants new customers.    A tested approach I favor for telemarketing new clients is non-intrusive and builds trust and establishes credibility in a way that gets through to the right people and builds a relationship with them over time and […]

Acquiring New Customers Process Explained

Acquiring new customers using high-end telemarketinging process involving introductory cold calls and relationship-building real-time follow-up calls. A personal and distinctive way to engage hard-to-reach high level exectives without annoying phone calls common to call center telemarketing.

Developing High Tech Business Leads

I develop high tech business leads for you with the key prospects in the high tech markets and companies you want to reach.

B2B Telemarketing Video

It’s beating email marketing, direct mail, social media — that’s the news from The Direct Marketing Association. Click the headline above for more info…or watch the video.