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 Direct Marketing Response Ad Lessons From My Ad In The Wall Street Journal     My direct marketing response ad in The Wall Street Journal is so simple you might call it boring. Thanks to a local printer who helps with the final touches using Adobe In-Design, I keep production costs under $150. My latest direct response ad in The Wall Street Journal is to the right. What do you think? I bet you wonder what kind of response comes in?   Well, this much I will tell you. I’ve been running my Marketing Direct ads in The Wall Street Journal […]

Business to Business Lead Generation

Business Development Marketing Tip

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Try this Overlooked Business Development Marketing Platform How does your business generate sales leads and get new customers? With online marketing and cloud-related media making headlines, there’s a very responsive business development marketing platform you may have overlooked.  This business development marketing platform is B2B phone marketing — a tested direct marketing medium for getting and keeping customers. You might call it “old school” but B2B phone marketing — like social media marketing — can be an engaging and interactive medium….enabling you to connect with your customers and potential customers in a very personal way. The Personal Touch The secret is making your calls with […]