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Build Client Prospect Lists For Lead Generation Campaigns

An Effective Way You Can Build Client Prospect Lists For  Generating New Leads If you are running low on new prospects for your lead generation campaigns it’s time to pick up your phone and start making some calls. What I’m talking about is old school phone prospecting —-developing a base of well-qualified prospects interested in […]

Building high quality business databases phone prospecting

Building High Quality Business Databases By Phone Prospecting Start with introductory cold calls that qualify each prospect to determine if your business is a good fit for what they need. Make your introduction specific and brief…twenty seconds or less. Keep your call relaxed, almost informal tone. A sales script you write yourself and are comfortable using will […]

Source New Clients Marketing Direct

Can I Help You Source New Clients?    What Makes My Service Different Nobody likes being pestered by telemarketers. So important you know I do not outsource your calls to call centers (see “Best Phone Prospecting” at bottom of page). Establishing Trust & Credibility To Help You Source New Clients  I build a rapport to establish a credible […]

New client prospecting

New client prospecting services using High-end Phone Prospecting  New client prospecting is a never ending process. And if you’d like to test how I can help you this may interest you.  Finding New Clients By Phone Prospecting How I do this for you is high-end custom phone prospecting. My approach is not the usual telemarketing […]

Sales Team Prospecting Services Explained

Sales Team Prospecting To Find High-end Clients   What Makes My Service Different Finding high-end clients by having your sales team prospecting by phone is one way to get more customers.     Helping your sales team prospecting — especially with high-end clients and engaging them for you so you can eventually meet the most qualified prospects […]

High-end Prospect Database Building Services Explained

High-end Prospect Database Building By Old School Phone Prospecting Explained Getting you pre-qualified, validated prospects  interested in hearing more from you  is essentially what my high-end database building by old school phone prospecting is all about.   I develop your prospect list by building solid relationships with key prospects in the markets and the companies you […]

Developing new clients by phone prospecting

Developing New Clients By Phone Prospecting With online marketing and cloud-related media making headlines, there’s a very responsive business development strategy you may have overlooked.  It’s finding and developing new clients by phone prospecting — a tested direct marketing medium for getting and keeping customers. You might call it “old school” but developing new clients by phone […]

Prospecting New Clients And High Level Execs

   Prospecting New Clients & High Level Execs  When prospecting new clients they can be VP-level executives…CEOs…IT professionals…Buyers…OEM or channel sales partners. Select the new clients you want contacted. By prospecting new clients  for you I can help you execute your sales process in a more effective and consistent fashion so that you can increase […]

High-end Phone Based Lead Development

Marketing Direct provides high-end phone based lead development services for sales organizations in high-end or technically complex sales. I work exclusively for sales organizations where lead nurturing and relationship building are key to closing each sale. Not one call telemarketing or call center work. Nothing like that. My high-end phone based lead development services are entirely […]

Effective Sales Lead Prospecting

Effective Sales Lead Prospecting By Phone Strategy Explained Effective sales lead prospecting by phone can be effective for establishing one-to-one personal contact with new business prospects.[singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=right] Especially important are real-time follow-up calls. Done with the right personal touch these calls create trust…build credibility…and show prospects your services are better than the competition. But most […]

Developing New Clients Cold Calling

This process for developing new clients cold calling is not one-call telemarketing.
But it works. See for yourself with a modest trial project. You pick high-end prospects you want developed…any market.

Outside Sales Cold Calling Explained

This tested process for outside sales cold calling is not one-call telemarketing. But it works. See for yourself with a modest trial project. You pick prospects you want developed VP-level executives…CEOs…IT execs…Buyers… OEM or Channel Sales Partners Prospects you’ve met at trade shows Customers who have drifted away Subscribers to your newsletters or webcasts. I […]

Generating contact with high-level executives

A series of personalized customer experience engagements for generating contact with high-level executives. This process for finding, developing and acquiring high-end customers is not one-call telemarketing. But it works. See for yourself with a modest trial project. You pick high-end prospects you want developed…any market. VP-level executives…CEOs…IT execs…Buyers…OEM or Channel Sales Part Prospects you’ve met at […]

Marketing Direct Services High-End B2B

I do the hunting, prospecting, qualifying plus warm-cold calling and lead management with lead scoring for you.

Effective Phone Prospecting Is A Form Of Successful Direct Marketing

  Effective phone prospecting is a form of successful direct marketing. And key to your successful direct marketing is your pre-sales marketing process. This is where I can help you get in the door, make your sale and get more customers. A tested and repeatable direct marketing process I do your hunting plus warm-cold calling & pre-sales […]

Marketing Direct Prospecting Services Explained

Reaching out to your prospect base in a very personal way is accomplished with a CRM prospecting tool that I have used for close to twenty three years.

Generating Sales Leads By Phone

 Process For Generating Sales Leads By Phone  Generating sales leads by phone requires routine real-time follow-up calls to build relationships, win trust & establish good will. Here’s what you can expect with me generating sales leads by phone for your business. Generating sales leads by phone FIRST PHASE: Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing.   Generating sales […]

Cold Call Follow-up

Cold Call Follow-up Process  Effective cold call follow-up is a process. A method I favor is real-time follow-up calls. It’s simple and easy to manage because you can do it on your own time. But how to do it. Where to begin? Start with introductory cold calls that qualify each prospect to determine if your business […]

Business Prospecting Sales Generation Process

Business prospecting sales generation by phone begins with Introductory cold calls to qualify each prospect. From there real-time follow-up calls take over.

Developing Customers B2B Sales Support

My developing customers B2B sales support offer is simple. I work the phones for you. I engage your prospects. I show them you want their business.

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