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Direct Marketing Solutions

 Direct Marketing Solutions Without Big Ads, Flashy Mailings. Yes! It can be done!  Forget big ads and flashy mailings.  If that’s what you need for your business my direct marketing solutions are not for you. Proof. I prove what I can do for you with my direct marketing trial projects.You measure the results…then decide if you […]

Cold Call List Tips

Before You Buy A Cold Call List Need a call list for cold calling? List brokers are easy┬áto find. And they tell you what you want to hear: “We have the cold call list you need. Just tells us who you want to reach and we can┬ápull the list that matches your request.” OK. So […]

Lead Generation Prospecting Strategy

You’ll be surprised how painless (and profitable!) this B2B lead generation prospecting strategy is when you approach it the right way. Seven tested tips.

Prospecting Sales Tips

Prospecting b2b by phone is a practical, cost effective direct marketing strategy. When you subscribe to my Prospecting Sales Tips here’s what you’ll get.