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Discovery Call Qualification Process

Discovery Call Qualification Process for Acquiring New Business Prospects  What is your discovery call qualification process for acquiring new clients?[singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=right] A method I favor is over-the-phone sales prospecting. It’s simple and easy to manage because you can do the discovery call qualification process on your own time. But how to do […]

Prospecting C Level Executives

   Prospecting New Clients & High Level Execs  When prospecting c level executives they can be VP-level executives…CEOs…IT professionals…Buyers…OEM or channel sales partners. Select the new clients you want contacted. By prospecting c level executives  for you I can help you execute your sales process in a more effective and consistent fashion so that you […]

Marketing Direct Custom Phone Prospecting Explained

First of all, it’s a tested  process that eliminates the stigma of old way telemarketing and how cold calls are received.  Forget old way telemarketing.   How I contact your prospects is low key…one-to-one and not at all like you’d expect from cold call prospecting. This approach makes your prospects open to learning more about what […]

Business Development Cold Call Process

Effective Business Development Cold Call Process Unlike Old-way Telemarketing My business development cold call process incorporates a series of personalized customer experience engagements that contradicts every idea you’ve had about telemarketing. It completely eliminates the stigma and annoyance of old way cold calling. It gets your prospects and your customers to “open-up” and discuss what […]

Successful Business Development Prospecting Technique

 Why sales managers overlook this successful business development prospecting technique Be it small firm or large multinational— most sales managers get promoted because they did a good job in business development. While sales skills vary, when it comes to translating those skills into making their sales team succeed the managers follow pretty much the same […]

Lead Generation Strategies B2B

With on-line and social media marketing making headlines, effective lead generation strategies B2B you may have overlooked are B2B cold call list building.

Lead Generation Development Sales Process

Lead Generation Development by phone marketing is a form of direct marketing. Tested and proven effective way to develop new business and reach new markets.

Generating Qualified B2B Sales Leads

Tested B2B sales process for generating qualified B2B sales leads by over-the-phone sales prospecting. Simple and easy to manage but highly effective.

Acquiring New Business Prospects

Acquiring new business prospects by using over-the-phone sales prospecting lead generation process. Simple tested system for getting new customers.

Lead Generation Prospecting Strategy

You’ll be surprised how painless (and profitable!) this B2B lead generation prospecting strategy is when you approach it the right way. Seven tested tips.

Developing Sales Leads By Cold Call Prospecting

For developing sales leads and getting new customers cold call prospecting is very responsive business development strategy you may have overlooked.

Best Way To B2B Cold Call

How to cold call. What to say. Get tested B2B tips, advice and real-world cold call prospecting solutions. Simple but effective cold call sales tips.

Sales Development Cold Call

Misused and misunderstood — that’s the sales development cold call. But this simple sales tool has benefits you’ll do well to explore.

Business Development Cold Call Questions Answered

Does your sales manager consider the business development cold call obsolete? Get the facts on what this highly effective sales tool can do for you.

Cold Call Sales Process

For developing new clients the cold call sales process is far from obsolete. Yet too many sales managers fail to use it effectively.

Cold Call Lead Generation

With the right personal touch cold call lead generation is a practical way to get new customers and keep your existing customers from drifting away.

Cold Call Prospecting

From THE HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW comes cold call prospecting news I never expected to find on their pages.