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Fix Your Sales Follow-up Call Process

Having an effective sales follow-up call process is where most sales organizations drop the ball.  What do I mean by effective sales follow-up call process? First of all, it is not sending out email blasts. And it’s NOT intrusive or annoying like the telemarketing calls you are used to getting. To be effective a sales […]

Finding New Clients

Finding new clients to replace those who have drifted away  Finding new clients is a never ending process.  Helping you find new clients is what my high-end phone prospecting is all about. Finding New Clients By Phone Prospecting But my approach is not the usual telemarketing strategy used by telemarketing call centers.   Test a TRIAL […]

Sales Team Prospecting Services Explained

Sales Team Prospecting To Find High-end Clients   What Makes My Service Different Finding high-end clients by having your sales team prospecting by phone is one way to get more customers.     Helping your sales team prospecting — especially with high-end clients and engaging them for you so you can eventually meet the most qualified prospects […]

Finding High-End Customers By Telemarketing Explained

Finding High-end Customers By Telemarketing    What Makes My Service Different Finding high-end customers by telemarketing is what I do for my clients and perhaps I can help you too. Just know that my approach for enaging your prospects by phone and getting them interested in what you can do for them is not the usual […]

Acquire New Clients and Keep Them Loyal For The Long-Haul

Can I Help You Acquire New Clients and Keep Them Loyal For the Long-Haul?   What Makes My Phone Prospecting Services Different When you engage my services to help you acquire new clients and then keep them loyal so they keep buying from you I  become an extension of your brand…your company…your business. And making calls […]

Get New Customers

Can I help you Get New Customers and Engage New Loyal Customers?   What Makes My Phone Prospecting Services Different When you engage my services to help you get new customers I become an extension of your brand…your company…your business. So it’s important you know that pestering people with phone calls is not how my phone […]

Phone Prospecting New Customers

Phone Prospecting New Customers So Your Prospect Wants To Learn More About Your Services  and What Makes You Worth Listening To  What you do is different. What you offer is different. And that YOU are different. These are the three fundamental keys to effectively phone prospecting new customers. What’s important to grasp now is the […]

Prospecting C Level Executives

   Prospecting New Clients & High Level Execs  When prospecting c level executives they can be VP-level executives…CEOs…IT professionals…Buyers…OEM or channel sales partners. Select the new clients you want contacted. By prospecting c level executives  for you I can help you execute your sales process in a more effective and consistent fashion so that you […]

Marketing Direct High-End B2B Phone Prospecting

  Marketing Direct High-End B2B Phone Prospecting Relationship building high-end B2B phone prospecting to help you find, develop and keep customers is essentially what I can do for you. It’s something you probably are not using because you think phone prospecting is old school with no place in the digital age of on-line marketing. But Harvard Business […]

Marketing Direct Custom Phone Prospecting Explained

First of all, it’s a tested  process that eliminates the stigma of old way telemarketing and how cold calls are received.  Forget old way telemarketing. How I contact your prospects is low key…one-to-one and not at all like you’d expect from cold call prospecting. This approach makes your prospects open to learning more about what you […]

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