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Outsourcing High-end Telemarketing Services

Outsourcing High-end Telemarketing Services You Can Test For A Small Fraction of what a full blown marketing campaign would cost you. Outsourcing High-end telemarketing services in ways that are practical, cost effective and easy to test is no easy task. The usual telemarketing services  you get with outsourced call centers are great for mass volume […]

Marketing Direct Phone Prospecting Cold Call

Marketing Direct Phone Prospecting Cold Call Test  I do your hunting plus warm-cold calling & pre-sales qualifying with lead management & lead scoring with REAL-TIME follow-up calls for you. You pick prospects you want developed…any market. VP-level executives…CEOs…IT execs…Buyers…OEM or Channel Sales Partners…System Integrators, etc. etc. Prospects you’ve met at trade shows…Customers who have drifted […]

Marketing Direct Business Development Phone Prospecting

Marketing Direct Business Development Phone Prospecting Includes Lead Management AND Lead Tracking So Every Lead Gets Followed Up. I Do Your Phone Prospecting For You! Introductory cold calls.  Lead Nurturing follow-up calls.  Appointment Setting. List Building.         Lead Management with full notes & clear records of each call at all stages. Call Outcome Reports so […]

Best Prospecting Software?

What’s the best prospecting software? Depends who you ask. Software sellers rave about their CRM. But the end users tell a far different story. Have you’ve been “burned” by your prospecting software? Found it too clunky. Not what you were promised when you signed on to your monthly service “support” package? Your complaint is all […]

TeleMagic CRM Review

Although I’ve been using TELEMAGIC for 23 years I continue to marvel how TELEMAGIC outperforms cloud based CRM applications costing many thousands of dollars more.

Niche B2B Business Development

Niche B2B Business Development         Quantity vs. Quality My niche B2B business development cannot be replicated by mass volume telemarketing It boils down to how I interact with your prospect base. Your prospects get to know me. And with each follow-up call I get to know them better! First Phase: Introductory warm-cold […]