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Fix Your Sales Follow-up Call Process

Having an effective sales follow-up call process is where most sales organizations drop the ball.  What do I mean by effective sales follow-up call process? First of all, it is not sending out email blasts. And it’s NOT intrusive or annoying like the telemarketing calls you are used to getting. To be effective a sales […]

Your Important Sales Lead Prospecting Questions Answered

Your Important Sales Lead Prospecting Questions Answered…plus tips, advice & lots more on using B2B sales generation by Phone for YOUR business. Effective Sales Lead Prospecting is a methodical sales process. It’s about list building and then prospecting your lists to find the leads you can work into sales appointments. This is not mass volume […]

Sales Development Cold Call

Misused and misunderstood — that’s the sales development cold call. But this simple sales tool has benefits you’ll do well to explore.

Business Development Cold Call Questions Answered

Does your sales manager consider the business development cold call obsolete? Get the facts on what this highly effective sales tool can do for you.

Cold Call Sales Process

For developing new clients the cold call sales process is far from obsolete. Yet too many sales managers fail to use it effectively.

Cold Call Business Development

Cold calling is misery for sales people. And sales managers consider it obsolete. Yet cold call business development works!

Does Cold Call Lead Prospecting Work?

Too many sales managers rate cold call lead prospecting obsolete. Harvard Business Review On-Line says cold calling still works!

Cold Call Sales Prospecting

According to Harvard Business Review On-Line cold calling is “the most effective way to set up appointments with the right decision makers at your target accounts.”

Cold Call Marketing B2B

Like social media marketing, cold call marketing B2B can be an engaging and interactive business development medium….enabling you to connect with your customers and potential customers ahead of the bigger companies with larger, less personalized sales and marketing organizations.

Cold Calling B2B

According to Harvard Business Review On-Line cold calling is “the most effective way to set up appointments with the right decision makers at your target accounts.”

Cost Effective B2B Sales Generation

Advertising and B2B sales generation are full of unexpected disasters. Avoid common and costly mistakes by following tested direct marketing principles.

Developing Business Sales Leads Questions

Developing Business Sales Leads Questions Answered with tips & advice on tested B2B sales prospecting by Phone for sales teams.

Business Development Lead Generation Questions Answered

Tips, advice & lots more on business development lead generation prospecting by phone in ways that are practical, cost effective and easy to test.

B2B Sales Generation By Phone Video

This video explains my sales generation services…how my services work and what I can do for you. Introductory cold calls, follow-up calls, list building & lead management. B2B high end sales my niche.

B2B Sales Prospecting Questions Answered

B2B sales prospecting is about list building a prospect base by qualifying prospects for future contacts. Sales appointments grow from this prospect base.

Sales Generation B2B Marketing

The Sales Generation B2B Marketing Medium You Can Take To The BankĀ  Small Business Owners, This is for You! For marketing your business and advertising your services here’s the sales generation B2B marketing medium you can take to the bank. It enables you to establish one to one personal contact with new business prospects in […]

Direct Response Marketing Sales Generation

Do not rush into a full blown telemarketing campaign. That’s especially true with sales prospecting. Start with either yourself making the calls..or hire one person to make the calls for you.