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Prospecting New Business Opportunities

 Prospecting New Business Opportunities for High-End Sales   Marketing Direct provides market tested, phone based prospecting services for sales organizations in high-end or technically complex sales. Prospecting new business opportunities where lead nurturing and relationship building are key to closing each sale is where I  can really help you. Not one call telemarketing or call center work. […]

Business Appointment Setting Techniques

Business appointment setting is misused and misunderstood. When prospecting for new business you are calling to get information and to prospect qualify.

Cold Calling High Tech Decision Makers

Getting QUALITY new business appointments with more revenue per sales lead than old way telemarketing is what my cold calling high tech is all about.

Overlooked B2B Interactive Marketing Media

Real-time follow-up by phone is an overlooked B2B interactive marketing media for reaching new markets and getting new customers.

Complex Sales B2B Support

The key to effective complex sales B2B support by phone is easy to overlook.Real-time follow-up calls are crucial. Voice mail and email are not enough.

B2B Solution Sales Update

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW update on fast changing B2B solution sales marketing.Top-performing reps have abandoned the traditional solution selling playbook.

B2B Prospecting Questions Answered

Your B2B Prospecting Questions Answered…plus tips, advice & lots more on using B2B prospecting by Phone for YOUR business.

Sales Support B2B Services

 Over-The-Phone Sales Support B2B Services  Tested sales prospecting by phone with methodical follow-up calls that build sales credibility and win customers. Either your sales people are too busy or have no confidence in sales prospecting the leads your marketing people give them to pursue. [singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=right] This business sales lead follow up failure […]

Prospecting B2B Update

Times are changing. This article in FORBES tells why you must change your prospecting B2B call strategy for getting new customers and taking better care of the ones you already have.

B2B Sales Generation By Phone Video

This video explains my sales generation services…how my services work and what I can do for you. Introductory cold calls, follow-up calls, list building & lead management. B2B high end sales my niche.

Sales Lead Follow-Up Problem

It’s what your sales people are NOT doing that’s pulling customers and potential customers away from your business.

High End B2B Telemarketing Services Explained

My sales prospecting services can help you execute YOUR sales process in a more effective & consistent fashion so that you can increase your close rates & revenues. Sales prospecting video tells how.

Sales Prospecting High Tech

Hi Tech Channel Sales Prospecting Services helps you execute your Sales Process in a more Effective & Consistent fashion so that you can Increase Your Close Rates & Revenues.

can help you execute your Sales Process in a more Effective & Consistent fashion so that you can Increase Your Close Rates & Revenues.

Sales Prospecting Services Video

This video explains my sales prospecting services…how my services work and what I can do for you. Introductory cold calls, follow-up calls, list building & lead management. B2B high end sales my niche.

New Business Sales Development Cold Call

Small Business Owners! Small business marketing b2b by sales prospecting works. Practical, cost effective and easy to test. Reach new markets by phone!

Sales Prospecting B2B

B2B sales prospecting for high end sales. Introductory cold calls. Lead Nurturing follow-up calls. Appointment Setting. List Building. Lead Management with full notes & clear records of each call at all stages. Call Outcome Reports so you can share information and adjust tactics.

Marketing B2B Sales Lead Generation

Outsourcing B2B sales prospecting to call centers is fine for cookie cutter projects. But for B2B complex sales a more specialized skill set may be needed.

Business Marketing Sales Prospecting Tip

Want to close more sales faster and make more money for yourself and your company? Be a stickler for follow-up. Nothing beats real time follow-up by phone for interacting with your prospect base and developing their interest in what you can do for them.

Sales Prospecting Tips

Finding the right sales leads starts by prospect qualifying. Then, once you qualify their interest in your offer you can begin the relationship building sales process…educating them — over time — on why they are better off buying from you rather than from your competitors.

Marketing Direct Cold Call Prospecting

Marketing Direct tested sales prospecting combines efficiency of over the phone sales prospecting with frugal, niche market trial projects you control.

Lead Generation Reality Check

This video explains my lead generation services for finding you new customers and reaching new markets for your sales organization using business to business phone prospecting. But first this reality check!

Direct Response Sales Lead Generation

My direct response sales lead generation can open business opportunities for your sales organization using TRIAL PROJECTS that are easy to test.

B2B Direct Marketing Lead Generation

Find more new customers, turn more prospects into loyal customers and make more money for your company via tested lead generation, list building, sales prospecting, follow-up CRM tips .

Sales Lead Follow Up

Makes sales easier! Be consistent with your sales lead follow up. These calls are HUGE. Yet here is where sales organizations fail. Their follow up is lousy

B2B Complex Sales Lead Generation

B2B complex sales your niche? Reach new markets. Get new business appointments. Tested phone based lead generation marketing process specifically for B2B high end sales.Twenty years in high end B2B phone lead generation. I know what works…and what does not work.

Sales Lead Generation Services

From technology to manufacturing to intangible goods and professional services a really good phone person can identify and generate sales opportunities for you s in ANY industry.

Lead Generation Sales Prospecting Services

Lead generation sales prospecting with TeleMagic, the first and many say the best crm software for the PC.

Sales Generation CRM

Make every customers feel important. Give ’em service they can’t get from your competitors. Not enough hours in your day to get this all done? My sales support service may be the help you’ve been looking for.

Sales Prospecting CRM Follow-Up Calls

Sales prospecting CRM calls forwards the sales process and keeps your sales prospects from drifting away. A little CRM goes a long way building loyalty.

Lead Generation B2B List Building

Start lead generation b2b list building with small steps. Quantity is good. But quality is better. Lists of 100 or 200 key B2B prospects can work wonders.