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Tips For More Profitable Selling

Tests are important and help us understand our customers. Good selling is based on good testing. These wise words from Scientific Advertising.

Tested Advertising Strategy Tips

Too many advertising directors says these these tested advertising strategy tips are outdated. Nonsense! Avoid common advertising blunders by following these tips.

Sales Marketing Test Ideas

Reluctance To Experiment with a sales marketing test is common in corporate Sales Marketing Organizations. Direct marketing tips to help you break free.

Outside Sales Managers Tips

Tips for avoiding common outside sales and marketing blunders. Tested fundamentals of successful direct marketing sales generation strategy.

Sales and Marketing Best Practices

Is Your Sales and Marketing Organization Developing Sales and Marketing Drones? To buck this trend try these tested sales and marketing tips.

B2B Sales Outsourcing Cold Calling

B2B Sales Outsourcing Cold Calling Trial Projects Test For A Small Fraction of what a full blown marketing campaign would cost you.

Direct Response Advertising Strategy

Avoid costly advertising mistakes. Use tested direct response advertising strategy. Simple but tested direct response methods for any media. Get his guide.

Tested Business Advertising

The world of business advertising and marketing is full of unexpected disasters. Avoid these common and costly mistakes. This book show how.

Tested B2B Advertising

The world of B2B advertising and marketing is full of unexpected disasters. Avoid these common & costly advertising mistakes. This B2B guide shows how.

Direct Response B2B Marketing

Does making small tests that measure the effectiveness of direct response B2B marketing for getting you new business appointments and new customers appeal to you?

Sales and Marketing Support

These Sales and Marketing Support Services May Be A Good Fit For Your Business While there’s no quick fix for getting you more new customers and more sales, my sales and marketing support services can get your sales organization back on track. Introductory cold calls ¬†Lead Nurturing follow-up calls. ¬†Appointment Setting. List Building. Lead Management. […]

B2B Lead Generation Phone Prospecting

Generating sales leads by phone prospecting is an incredibly efficient way to reach new markets and test new offers for a small fraction of what a full blown marketing campaign would cost your business.