Small Business Sales Prospecting Services

 Small Business Sales Prospecting Services

small business sales prospecting

George Clay

Small business sales prospecting is an efficient way to reach new markets and test new offers in ways that are practical and easy to test.

How to do it?

The tips in this video will get you started.  Take a look.  I think you’ll find the info timely and helpful —

About Marketing Direct Small Business Sales Prospecting  

If you want to get and keep customers using a tested small business sales prospecting process that builds long term relationships for your business you’ve come to the right place.

  • No hype or fluff. Forget big ads, flashy mailings, corporate jingles. If that’s what you need hire and agency.
  • Proof. I prove what I can do for you with small trial projectsYou measure the results…then decide if you want to expand your test. My focus is growing your business — not selling you a service you don’t need.
  • Putting customers first. A business that sacrifices customer loyalty for short term gain is NOT a good match for my  small business sales prospecting service . My clients put their customers first. If that sounds like you, I can help you “cultivate” key segments of your customer and prospect base with niche small business sales prospecting spearhead projects that add value for your customers and make you outshine the competition.
  • No boiler room telemarketing. My phone marketing is low key… never “pushy”. Building relationships on the phone is what I do best. Creating trust with each prospect is my primary goal — NOT making a sale. Your calls are important…and making sure they’re done this way is why I don’t outsource to third party call centers.
  • Get involved. When you hire my phone marketing service, I need your help. Support from you and the team behind you is absolutely essential. That means you do whatever it takes to service the prospects and new business leads I bring your way. If lax follow-up is ok with your people, do NOT hire me.
  • No outsourcing—ever! Absolutely no outsourcing of your project to third party vendors. All phone marketing calls I make on your behalf are made here, by me in my office. NOTE: Before using any call center make certain you know who will be making calls on your behalf…and where they are located!
  • Can I work your industry? Phone prospectors — the really good ones— can work any industry. Technical data and industry specs are helpful. But prospecting skills (genuine friendliness……business savvy…good etiquette) are even more important. That said, the more information we have about your business and industry the better.
  • Business to Business. B2B small business sales prospecting is my niche. Phoning consumers at home is not my game.
  • Easy to start. Once you you email your list,I can be prospecting for you in a matter of hours.
  • Easy to stop. You can stop a project anytime you like. No need for long term contracts.
  • Experience counts. I’ve been prospecting by phone since 1996.

If you want better qualified sales leads, higher conversion rates and more revenue per sales lead than is typically achieved by traditional B2B telemarketing my small business sales prospecting services  can help you.


outsourcing business to business phone calls

George Clay

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