SALES Prospecting Phone Script

An effective sales prospecting phone script keeps you on course…controlling the progress and outcome of your call.

sales prospecting phone script

George Clay

NOTE: My focus is phone marketing for sales organizations in high-end or technically complex business products and services.

Never “Wing It“. Always use a sales prospecting phone script.  It keeps repetitions, omissions and improper sequencing out of your pitch (they spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e when it comes to effective lead generation and phone marketing.[singlepic id=102 w=320 h=240 float=right]

  • Keep It Short. Make your introduction brief and to the point. How brief? Twenty to thirty seconds! That’s all you get. So be accurate, concise,and persuasive. Are you starting to see why you need a lead generation script?
  • Relax. Dialog and delivery in movies, TV, and plays flows from carefully crafted scripts. Yet these staged conversations sound completely natural and spontaneous. An effective sales prospecting phone script is no different. Subtle inflections and pauses make your presentation more natural and far more believable.
  • Prospect Qualify. Good prospects…weak prospects?  Find out who’s who by asking specific questions. For example, “Does this interest you?” Or “When would you like me to recontact you”? Make prospect qualify questions part of every sales prospecting phone script!
  • Test,Test,Test —-but control your variables carefully. Be especially careful with key words. You might think they don’t matter,but they do! So once you find a winning script, stick with every word of it!

Old way sales prospecting script no longer effective

 This article in FORBES  explains why.

 Prospecting In The Age Of The Customer [singlepic id=102 w=300 h=220 float=right]

Called 7 NEW RULES FOR PROSPECTING IN THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER it tells of the shift in the marketplace of business to business sales.

This upheaval is the relationship shift between buyer and seller.

Buyers no longer need you the seller in front of them to make intelligent buying decisions.

Your importance  to a buyer is vastly diminished if you follow old way selling habits.

Forget using a sales prospecting phone script for appointments.

The digital age has pushed appointment setting off the high ground it held for so many years.

Appointment setting is now a loser’s game.

Sure, face-to-face appointments matter…but their significance in the sales cycle has faded.

The importance of this dynamic for anyone in B2B sales and marketing cannot be understated.

Bottom Line: If you are prospecting for appointments  you are playing a loser’s game.

Get over it. Or get yourself another job — but not in sales.

If you want better qualified sales leads, higher conversion rates and more revenue per sales lead than is typically achieved by traditional B2B sales prospecting I  can help you.

sales prospecting phone script

George Clay

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