Sales Prospecting Lead Generation Test

Sales Prospecting Lead Generation Test

Testing and measurement are the two principles every marketer should rely on to get better at selling their goods.

Sales prospecting lead generation test

George Clay

Make your sales prospecting lead generation test with either yourself  making the calls..or hire one person to make the calls for you.

Do not get talked into buying a large outside list or having a room full of telemarketers making your calls.

Use niche market test projects to see what works…and what does not work. Review of Marketing Direct, Inc.

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  • Keep what works…discard what does not work. In this way costly mistakes are avoided.

Market Testing Tips

And before going further — do yourself a favor. Download a FREE copy of the best marketing book [singlepic id=16 w=220 h=140 float=right]on business sales lead generation and market testing.

The book will change the way you think and act about your marketing…your advertising…and your B2B sales prospecting lead generation test campaigns.

Get the most bang for your buck

The fastest way to get more new business is by sales prospecting your house list of existing customers and prospects.

Your house list will generate the highest response rates when you contact these folks by phone.sales prospecting lead generation

Yes, higher response rates than direct mail or even email. That’s the power of using your telephone (Source: DMA Response Rate Trend Report 2010).

They can be prospects you’ve met at trade shows or business conferences. They can be old customers who have drifted away. Or they can be subscribers to your email newsletter.

Bottom Line:

A small controlled sales prospecting lead generation test is all you need to get started. 

  • Keep it simple. Select fifty to one hundred prospects.claudeAMAZON
  • Yes! Fifty to one hundred prospects is all you need for this first test. I do the sales prospecting for you.
  • My goal is to weed out the weak prospects…find out who’s worth going after with future call backs.
  • Only if they’re truly interested do you follow-up with a detailed email explaining what you can do for them.
  • From there my follow-up calls move the sales process forward.BenTests are
  • Sales Prospecting Accountability: Because EVERY sales lead I generate for you gets followed-up and because every sales lead is tracked you can quantify and track how well your trial project is working. If you aren’t measuring how well your ads are doing then you are not doing marketing at all but instead PR!.
  • Yes, all this is a process. But from cold lead through satisfied customer it brings you better quality sales prospects  than one call telemarketing

Improve Your Sales Prospecting Lead Generation 

Review of Marketing Direct, Inc.

Get updates on ways business development phone prospecting can help grow your business  —especially in this economy.

Also, this Advertising Age update on B2B phone marketing.

B2B Phone Prospecting

Also, for further study:

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B2B Phone Prospecting

George Clay

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