Sales Prospecting CRM Follow-Up Calls

Sales Prospecting CRM Follow-Up

Sales prospecting crm

George Clay

A little sales prospecting CRM goes a long way.

Chances are you are ignoring this simple procedure.[singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Is it because your focus is on your active paying customers? Or perhaps you are too busy trying to close new deals or handle sales issues with problem clients.

But at the end of the day, you need to find time to make those  CRM calls.

Hey, your competitors will make those calls! They will take from you the prospects you once payed time and money to bring your way.

 Sales Prospecting CRM  Matters

Sales prospecting CRM follow-up calls show prospects you care…forwards the sales process and promotes customer loyalty. NoteWeb conferencing, pod casts,  and email marketing campaigns all can be used to enhance this part of the sales process.

The Competitive Time Clock Is Ticking

  • Targeting your customers are the price driven bottom feeders. Because their markets have dried up these predators have reinvented themselves as experts in your field.
  • Their strategy for getting your customers is simple: Beat your price.
  • But trading margins for volume —- unless checked —-can cannibalize your market…turning your once profitable business models into shipwrecks. Take note: Studies show it takes seven years for a brand to recover its value once it’s been discounted. Seven years!
  • Is your company getting it right…giving your customers more attention..better service…and greater value for their money?
  • Customer Service means survival. If you don’t love your customer, get another customer. If you can’t find a customer to love, get another business. Make sales prospecting CRM part of YOUR sales process.

Become A Better Marketer

sales prospecting CRM follow-up calls

George Clay

Get updates on ways Sales Prospecting CRM Follow-UP Calls  can help your business grow —especially in this economy.

Also, go here for DMA 2012 response rate reports for lead generation marketing media. Plus this Advertising Age update on B2B phone marketing.

Also, if you do nothing else today click and read this:

7 New Rules for Prospecting In The Age of The Customer

Also: Harvard Business Review reports on benefits of cold call lead development.


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