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Sales Lead Generation Support Services For Hire

sales lead generation support

George Clay

By hunting, prospecting, qualifying and nurturing relationships for your sales reps to pursue my  sales lead generation support services can help your business grow.

This includes targeting both new clients as well as revitalizing past or inactive clients.

 Lead Generation Support Services include:  

    • Lead Generation
    • Hunting, prospecting for new business development, interest validation & qualificationsales lead generation support
    • Lead follow up from Trade Shows and other marketing initiatives
    • Lead Management – Manage & nurture leads through to handover to Sales, once there is an opportunity
    • Market Research – Uncover projects that exist today that your sales group is not currently involved in, such as what your competitors are working on
    • Identify specific contacts involved in purchasing process, such as the maintenance support, production engineer, capital equipment procurement
    • Identify Sales Opportunitiessales lead generation support
    • Database management – work within the existing database to clean and qualify leads so that accurate data is in place
    • Track all work so each lead gets followed up.
    • Participate in early stages of the sales process, but will not close the sale

Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions About My Sales Lead Generation Support  Services

sales lead generation support

George Clay

How do you prospect qualify? Good prospects…weak prospects? I find out who’s who by asking specific questions.

For example, “Does this interest you?” Or “When would you like me to recontact you”? Each follow-up call fine tunes a prospect’s interest level.

That’s why I make prospect qualify questions part of every business development lead generation script!

How do you keep track of who to call and when? I use a sales management program that organizes contacts, phone numbers, call back information and call histories into a single database sales development platform.

How do I know the prospects you qualify are worth MY time? With introductory cold calls I learn who’s a good prospect and who’s a dud. From there I make routine follow-up calls to further qualify and develop the best business development prospects.

Have you worked your business development lead generation service in my specific industry? Top management will insist only salespeople with deep understanding of the markets they are selling can do sales development cold calling.sales lead generation support

It’s myth based on ignorance rather than tested cold call business development experience.

A good over the phone sales person can work any industry.

Same goes for face to face sales. The top producers are at home regardless of product or service they sell.

What about voice-mail? Do you leave messages? Leaving voice mail for customers or prospects who you know well  is one thing. But for new prospects it’s a waste of time — theirs AND yours!

When B2B sales prospecting or making follow-up calls, what do you say? I never “wing it”. I always use a script. This keeps repetitions, omissions and improper sequencing out of my pitch. They spell trouble when it comes to business sales lead generation phone prospecting.

What size call list do you need to get started? Keep it simple. 100 or so prospects is plenty. Quantity is good. But quality is better!

 Sales Lead Generation Support Services Updates

sales lead generation supportGet updates on ways these Business Lead Development Prospecting Services can help your business grow —especially in this economy.

Also, go here for DMA 2012 response rate reports for lead generation marketing media. Plus this Advertising Age update on B2B phone marketing.

sales lead generation support

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