Sales Lead Generation Follow-Up Failure

Sales Lead Generation Follow-up Failure weakens your credibility with clients and potential customers and harms your bottom line.

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George Clay

Either your sales people are too busy, too lazy or have no confidence working the leads your marketing people give them to pursue.[singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Sales lead generation process? There is none! Just a disorganized call list scattered about on sticky notes or business cards.

Furthermore, other than the usual follow-up tools — voice mail, email and social media  — there’s little if any real time, Q&A interaction or information gathering and relationship building with your sales prospects.

Follow-Up Failure

This follow-up failure kills your lead generation conversion rates, weakens your credibility with clients and potential customers and harms your bottom line.

But that’s just the beginning!

Your sales lead generation follow-up calls are key to building your prospect lists so you can market to these folks again and again with related products and services.

Trouble is the business owners and or their sales managers do little to make sure their sales people make these calls and do their sales prospecting.

Why so? I think Woody Allen has the answer when he says

“Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.”

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Woody Allan

OK. Still with me? Starting to see why you are fooling yourself into thinking all is OK with your sales people and their sales lead follow-up process?

Consider having me do the sales lead follow-up calls for you.

Getting you higher  sales conversion rates and more revenue per sales lead than is typically achieved by  traditional telemarketing is what my sales lead follow up services are all about.

Your sales lead follow up calls are important…and making sure they’re done right is why I don’t outsource to third party call centers.

Sure this limits the projects I take on.

But my sales lead follow up stands out from the crowd.

With each call I capture key details…including:

  • Your prospect’s interest level in your goods or services.
  • Identify their needs…learn about existing suppliers… and how YOU can pre-empt the competition.
  • Ask the qualifying questions to make certain your offer matches their needs.
  • Learn their “hot buttons” — what is it you can do for them that matters most.

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