Remote Work Explained

Experience can be a great teacher

George Clay

You learn by doing…testing your real-world experiences to learn what works…and what does not work.

Same goes for direct outreach phone prospecting.

Wrote down what I’ve learned — published on-line.

 Remote Work Changing How We Get and Keep Customers.

Here are a few highlights… remote work

list-building…intro discovery calls…the 27 second pitch…building-out your database…getting prospects interested in meeting you…appoinments that lead to sales…lead tracking and follow-up…avoiding costly mistakes when buying any list…what sales people are too busy doing to prospect effectively. 

Maybe this remote work info can help your outreach ROI.

My remote work toolbox for building good prospect lists.

Learned this in bits and pieces —- keeping what works while tossing out the bum turns that ended up going nowhere.

What works for you building good prospect lists is what matters —- so take my suggestions as starting points to get you going in the right direction.

Things you will need —-

  • A reasonably good contact management program. My favorite — TeleMagic. Streamlines list building — keeps data organized for rapid outreach to best prospects. My review of Telemagic is here. 
  • Important: List building without a good CRM platform is a fool’s errand. So get one an learn the ropes.
  • Good list company  (if you get nothing from today’s email but this you will be ahead of the game). Accurate Leads —- Small family owned. Great service. Plus you can test small batches of prospect lists custom built to match your needs. My review of Accurate Leads is here.
  • Research Tool:  Entirely optional but worth the cost — Buzzfile Pro ($99/month) — gives you key contact data and company info on companies suited to industry categories you are focused on developing. My review of Buzzfile Pro is here.
Next up some tips for putting these tools to work.
Again, it’s a process. No magic pill!
Just giving you real-world list-building experience you can put to use to make a sale or two.

Remote Work Is Changing How and Where Sales Teams Work

Put Marketing Direct Outreach to work for you

More than what a sales rep can do!

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George Clay

Building good prospect lists

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