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Overlooked B2B Interactive Marketing Media

Overlooked B2B Interactive Marketing Media: Real-Time Follow-Up By Phone.

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George Clay

Real-time follow-up by phone is an overlooked B2B interactive marketing media for reaching new markets and getting new customers.[singlepic id=3 w=270 h=190 float=right] Voice-mail and e-mail are well and good.

But nothing beats real-time Q&A with your customers and potential customers.

That’s the beauty of real time follow-up by phone.
It’s interactive dialog — an information gathering platform for learning your prospect’s “hot-buttons” and what you can do for them.
Another big benefit of this B2B interactive media: by speaking one-to-one with your prospects the feedback you get is immediate.[singlepic id=102 w=270 h=190 float=right]

Easy To Market Test

Furthermore, as a B2B interactive marketing media, real time follow-up calls give you an easy and versatile test marketing platform.
With subtle tweeks to your calls and scripts you can adjust your message points to any market segment you want to reach.
But the real secret to follow-up call success is to make your calls routine and methodical.
Effective follow-up by phone is a methodical and ongoing sales process of list building and then prospecting your lists to find leads you can work into sales appointments.

The Right Personal Touch

Done with the right personal touch and not merely as an indiscriminate numbers game your follow-up calls will change how you get and keep customers.
Your calls will also give you significant advantages over your competitors who fail to use this simple but incredibly effective B2B interactive marketing media. 

Become Better At B2B Interactive Marketing

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George Clay

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