On-line Research Tool For Developing New Clients

When developing new clients always good to educate yourself on their company — things like how many employees they have and what they do plus CEO’s ratings.

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George Clay

A very useful on-line tool for improving your new client research capabilities so you can sound more credible is available here.

Developing new clients begins with improved business intelligence

I’m testing a crowdsourcing intelligence system which is free, and designed for everybody.

Called Owler, it’s pretty easy to use and a good companion for new client research when a company isn’t on Linkedin or has a limited Linkedin profile.

Fifteen Million Company Profiles

Owler grants you access to more 15 million company profiles and gives you estimates on how much a company is earning, as well as their headcount and the likely outcome of their business.

All good intel when you’re developing new clients!

You can also use Owler to uncover new client opportunities, such as fundraisers, buyouts, and acquisitions.

Want to know how your company stacks up against the competition?

Owler provides you with competitive statistics to see how well your company is doing.

Used By Top Companies for Business Intelligence 

Top companies and international brands such as Microsoft, Walmart, Apple, Nike, and Google use Owler for business intelligence about their industry and their competitors.

Understanding the data is not difficult.

Owler displays all the information in very comprehensible data visualizations and the data about your competitors is well organized.

CEO’s Ratings

CEO’s rating is nice, allows you to see what leadership style is not very likable by employees, partners and clients.

Notifications look very helpful, especially when you are interested in specific news about a specific company. My guess is that comes with the paid version.

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