How To Get Back Lost Customers

How to get back lost customers —- clients you have spoken with or sent a proposal to in the past but didn’t win the business. 

Get Back Lost Customers

George Clay

I have something that might help you win back a few lost clients.

I am suggesting you gently re-establish your presence in a way that builds trust.

That way you have a better chance to develop a relationship with some of these clients and from there incrementally edge your way back by taking on smaller pieces of business.

Letting them drift away and giving up on them for good or waiting too long before reconnecting are mistakes too many sales organizations fall into making —- maybe yours, too!

Getting To The Key Decision-Makers

Also, consider that it’s more profitable to call someone who is already interested than someone who might not even need you.

And with your prospects who already know something about what you do you may get referrals.

Referrals are key to connecting with the relevant people who can make that all important decision to work with you and become your customer.

This is where my high-end phone prospecting can help you get back lost customers

By gently reaching out to these “lost customers” in a very polite way that “gets your foot back in the door” so you can begin the process of winning them back…even if it’s a smaller “yes” that you later turn into a bigger one.

How I accomplish this is with something you probably are not using because you think phone prospecting is old school with no place in the

Get back lost customers

digital age of on-line marketing.

But HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW has an article about this old school way of getting and keeping customers and says “it should be used by every B2B sales force.”

Because if you use phone prospecting the right way you can get back lost customers customers in a very personal way that allows you to develop a rapport that can change your entire business relationship for the better.

You and I both know that people don’t like to be pestered with phone calls.

So it’s important you know what makes my phone prospecting different from the usual telemarketing calls that annoy people and give phone marketing a bad reputation.

What Makes My Phone Prospecting Different

First of all, I do not outsource to telemarketing call centers.

And yes, you read that correctly — not call center telemarketers but me personally making each call.

That’s because my services are designed specifically for engaging high-level executives.

And if these are the decision-makers you want for your clients then you know how important first impressions can be especially when you are looking to win back a lost client.

How I come across on the phone so you are comfortable having me represent you and your team is something you can determine yourself by hearing me present to you on the phone the same way I would engage your prospects when I reach out to them  and make those introductory calls.

But until we have that conversation and you can judge for yourself if you think we’re a good fit working together I’ll give you some highlights of my services:

  • Polite, old-school introduction and follow-up.
  • Speak directly with each prospect one-to-one.
  • Get referrals to the relevant people who make the buying decisions.
  • Build trust and credibility with real-time follow-up calls.
  • Help you incrementally edge your way back to winning them back.
  • Hands-on quality control — all calls by me. No outsourcing!
  • Custom solutions to fit your particular market niche.
  • Seamless integration with your company and sales organization.
  • On-time follow-up so your clients do not drift away or get neglected.

All this looks good on paper but will it work for you?

Let’s get together on the phone so you can decide for yourself if you think I have “the right stuff” to actually accomplish for you the things I claim my phone prospecting is capable of doing for you to get you these customers back into your fold.

Get Back Lost Customers

George Clay

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