Direct Response B2B Lead Generation

Direct Response B2B Lead Generation By Phone

It’s a no brainer…especially in THIS economy!

direct response b2b lead generation

George Clay

By combining the efficiency of direct response B2B lead generation with frugal, niche market trial projects you can test market new offers for a small fraction of what a full blown marketing campaign would cost you.

Furthermore,  —  because it’s done using the time tested principles of successful direct marketing — direct response B2B lead generation eliminates the inefficiencies, waste and mind boggling costs of traditional advertising campaigns.

Bottom Line: Your bean counters will smile with approval because my direct response B2B lead generation is built on making small controlled tests on a limited budget.

Trial Project

To make working with me pay out for YOU consider a SMALL trial project.

You and I work together so the sales leads and appointments I generate for you convert into paying customers for YOUR business.

During this trial project some leads are upgraded…some downgraded.

Yes, it’s a process.

But from cold lead through satisfied customer it brings you better qualified prospects with higher conversion rates than you can get with direct mail, email marketing or traditional telemarketing.

 Using my direct response B2B sales prospecting I develop your prospect list by building solid relationships with key prospects in the markets and the companies you want to reach.  

Creating trust with each prospect is my primary goal — NOT making a sale. Your calls are important…and making sure they’re done this way is why I don’t outsource to third party call centers.

I start the direct response B2B lead generation with introductory cold calls that qualify each prospect to determine if your business is a good fit for what they need.

It’s here the weak prospects are weeded out…and the better qualified prospects  are engaged for careful and methodical follow-up calls.  This is where the all important relationship building  process begins.

With each call I capture key details…including:

  • Your prospect’s interest level in your goods or services.
  • Identify their needs…learn about existing suppliers… and how YOU can pre-empt the competition.
  • Ask the qualifying questions to make certain your offer matches their needs.
  • Learn their “hot buttons” — what is it you can do for them that matters most.

direct response b2b lead generation

Getting Appointments from Direct Response B2B Lead Generation.

Routine follow-up calls plus e-mail follow-ups work wonders to get you in the door for a face-to-face meeting.

Also, business development list building by phone is a form of direct marketing.[singlepic id=74 w=270 h=190 float=right] And building a highly targeted database is the key to any successful direct marketing campaign.

Therefore, view each call as a means for fine tuning your business development database. It’s a work in progress that never ends! 

What about outsourcing? 

Top management will insist only salespeople with deep understanding of the markets direct response b2b lead generation they are selling can do sales development cold calling.

It’s myth based on ignorance rather than tested cold call business development experience.

A good over the phone sales person can work any industry. Same goes for face to face sales. The top producers are at home regardless of product or service they sell.

Improve Your Direct Response B2B Lead Generation

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