Direct Marketing Sales Generation Book

Direct Marketing Sales Generation Book

Get the direct marketing sales generation book written by the man whose findings have done more for direct marketing than any other copywriter in the history of advertising.                   

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If you are not using his direct marketing findings in your sales literature, marketing, sales prospecting or advertising then you are at a HUGE disadvantage.

You are missing out on ingeniously simple yet PROVEN ways to multiply the pulling power of your sales generation marketing dollars many times over.

The secret is to test everything you do on a small scale…before spending money on a larger scale.  In this way needless advertising disasters are avoided.

It’s this no-nonsense approach that has always struck a chord with me…and why I recommend this direct marketing book so highly to my Marketing Direct subscribers.[singlepic id=15 w=320 h=240 float=right]


The author is Claude Hopkins.

He is the man who invented sampling…risk-free trials…money-back guarantees…market testing and other breakthrough advertising techniques.

In his book SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING he brings these direct marketing strategies to life and shows you how they work and how to work them into your sales generation efforts.

They’re explained in clear, everyday language that makes for easy reading.

Indeed, for making small controlled direct marketing sales generation tests on a limited budget you will be amazed how this book will help you do just that in ways that are practical and easy to implement no matter what kind of media or advertising you are using.

You’ll see how to immediately apply Claude Hopkins direct marketing sales generation strategies to any website or sales letter or advertising copy you want to test.

Best of all, Claude Hopkins gives you the nuts and bolts information you need without the marketing  jargon or phrases that make advertising books so boring and unpleasant to read.

Regardless of your business or the marketing and advertising you plan to do, you’ll do yourself a HUGE favor by referring to this direct marketing book and the timeless wisdom it contains.

Direct Marketing Sales Generation Explained

Reader comments…       

  • “Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times.”David Ogilvy

 Beneficial For Anyone In Marketing Or Sales 

  • “This will be a beneficial read for anyone in marketing or sales. Even though this book was written 90+ years ago, most of the principles discussed are still relevant today.” …The Book Reviewer
  • “Considered the father of modern advertising techniques, Hopkins believed advertising should be measurable and justify the results it produced. In SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING he explains precisely how to do that, and the principles he discovered and documented are as true today as when they were first written.” Travis McAshan, web designer & search marketing consultant.
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George Clay

In this direct marketing book you will learn to test everything you do on a small  scale…before spending money on a larger scale.  In this way needless  business advertising blunders are avoided.

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Avoid costly advertising mistakes. Use tested direct response advertising strategy.

It’s this no-nonsense approach that has always struck a chord with me…and why I recommend this direct marketing book so highly to my Marketing Direct subscribers.

Bottom Line: Your bean counters will smile with approval because the tips for avoiding common advertising blunders are based on the tested fundamentals of successful direct marketing sales generation strategy.

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