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Direct Marketing Solutions

 Direct Marketing Solutions Without Big Ads, Flashy Mailings. Yes! It can be done!  Forget big ads and flashy mailings.  If that’s what you need for your business my direct marketing solutions are not for you. Proof. I prove what I can do for you with my direct marketing trial projects.You measure the results…then decide if you […]

Find New High-end Clients

Can You Find New High-end Clients Prospecting By Phone? How does your business find new high-end clients? With online marketing and cloud-related media making headlines, there’s a very responsive marketing platform you may have overlooked.  What I’m talking about is phone prospecting — a tested direct marketing medium for getting and keeping customers. You might call it […]

Outsourcing High-end Telemarketing Services

Outsourcing High-end Telemarketing Services You Can Test For A Small Fraction of what a full blown marketing campaign would cost you. Outsourcing High-end telemarketing services in ways that are practical, cost effective and easy to test is no easy task. The usual telemarketing services  you get with outsourced call centers are great for mass volume […]

Effective Cold call direct marketing strategy

With this cold call direct marketing strategy I could promise you easy success. But I won’t. You’ll need patience and lots of persistence. But your rewards will be worth your effort. You’ll have the ability to “make things happen” — to control your business development process more effectively and on your own terms. Developing Quality […]

Tips For More Profitable Selling

Tests are important and help us understand our customers. Good selling is based on good testing. These wise words from Scientific Advertising.

Develop Better B2B Sales Leads

Develop Better B2B Sales Leads By Establishing Trust My system of real-time follow-up calls helps you develop better B2B sales leads by establishing trust and building credibility with your best sales prospects.  What’s included  Build effective B2B lead lists with introductory business development cold Develop an effective sales lead follow-up process to your best prospects […]

B2B Lead Generation Prospecting

B2B lead generation prospecting by phone is a practical and tested way to get new customers and keep your existing customers from drifting away.

Lead Generation Cold Call Prospecting

Making your lead generation cold call prospecting more efficient without mass volume telemarketing is what my high end lead generation service is all about.

High Value Lead Generation Prospecting

High value lead generation by phone requires patience and a methodical sales process that includes real-time follow-up calls. But how to do it. Where to begin?

Tested Advertising Strategy Tips

Too many advertising directors says these these tested advertising strategy tips are outdated. Nonsense! Avoid common advertising blunders by following these tips.

Overlooked Sales Development Techniques

 Why so many sales managers consider cold calling among obsolete sales development techniques Be it small firm or large multinational— most sales managers get promoted because they did a good job in sales While sales skills vary, when it comes to translating those skills into making their sales team succeed the managers follow pretty much […]

New Business Lead Development Prospecting

A sales automation platform makes new business lead development a lot easier. ACT and GOLDMINE are big names in this area. My favorite is TELEMAGIC.

Customer Acquisition Prospecting

Customer acquisition prospecting automation tools will keep you on track for making more sales by making more customer b2b contacts in less time.

Lead Qualification Prospecting

Rapid application management of B2B lead qualification prospecting calls might be easier than you think. Sales automation tools are here to help you.

Marketing Test B2B Advertising Campaigns

Determine the effectiveness of B2B advertising campaigns cheaply, quickly, and finally by a direct marketing test. Use tested direct response B2B marketing.

Direct Marketing Test

Determine the effectiveness of B2B advertising and sales lead generation campaigns cheaply, quickly, and finally by a direct marketing test.

Acquiring New Customers Sales Process

Acquiring new customers begins with finding the right prospects. A tested new customer development method is sales prospecting by phone.

Sales Marketing Test Ideas

Reluctance To Experiment with a sales marketing test is common in corporate Sales Marketing Organizations. Direct marketing tips to help you break free.

Marketing Strategies For Business

Any product or service can be marketed using these tested direct marketing strategies for business. Simple, practical and easy to implement. But they work.

Direct Marketing Strategy Examples

Here are tested direct marketing strategy examples that will change how you market your business and advertise your services. Simple, practical tips.

Direct Marketing Basics

Direct marketing basics boils down to three fundamentals. Follow these rules and you will be light years ahead of marketers who ignore them.

Tested Direct Marketing Strategy

Tested direct marketing strategy boils down to three basic fundamentals.
Follow these rules and you will be light years ahead of marketers who ignore them.

New Account Cold Call Tips

 New Account Cold Call Tips Effective B2B Cold Calling begins by qualifying your prospects. How do you accomplish this in an efficient way? Use a new account cold call script.[singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=right] Write it yourself. And be yourself! The new account cold call tips below focus on this important aspect of cold calling. […]

B2B Sales Organization Strategy Tips

Is reluctance to experiment putting your B2B sales organization behind the eight ball? Break free now! Try these tested direct marketing tips.

Fortune 500 Sales Development Tips

Reluctance to experiment is common in Fortune 500 sales organizations. Buck this trend by using tested direct marketing principles. Get them in free book.

Corporate Sales Development Test Strategy

Lock-stepping though daily corporate sales development life is all too common. Buck this epidemic with tested direct marketing principles .

Sales Marketing Test Strategy

The reluctance to experiment has become epidemic and may already have taken hold of your sales and marketing organization.

Business Cold Call Marketing Services

Business Cold Call Marketing With A Personal Touch The key to effective business cold call marketing is making your calls with a personal touch that engages your prospects —- getting them to interact with you one-to-one so they trust doing business with you.  [singlepic id=102 w=240 h=160 float=right] And this is where I can help you develop […]

Sales Business Development Strategy

Too many sales managers consider cold calling an obsolete sales business development strategy. Harvard Business Review On-Line says cold calling works.

New Client Cold Call Tips

Surprisingly, industry specific knowledge about the business segments you are calling is NOT essential for new client cold call success.