Outreach qualifying calls

Doing outreach qualifying calls to new prospects? List-building is especially helpful when you reach the gate-keepers. I politely say “sorry, I dialed the wrong number”, but flag for call back after hours to reach owners who usually work late. Exceptions are gate-keepers for high-level exec — especially the larger organizations. These gate-keepers usually worthwhile. Try list-building your prospects into three categories: A. reachable prospects during day B. reachable prospects after hours C. reachable only during day and only via gate-keeper C above I generally avoid— more productive to work A and B. Voice mail or leaving messages with gate-keepers I have found ineffective on first calls to new prospects. Q: What goals are realistic for outreach qualifying calls? […]

What’s different about my outreach

 Introductory outreach calls Lead nurturing follow-up calls List-building & lead management Appointment Setting Full notes & records of each call at all stages Real-time reports so you know what’s going on with each prospect Keeping your active customers engaged so they don’t drift away while also finding new clients is something we all have to do but seems there’s never enough hours in the day to get all this done. Perhaps my outreach services can help you along the way. Too many people think it’s simply contacting a prospect and setting appointments by explaining what you do and how you […]

Outreach New Business Development

How QUALITY Appointments Develop  It is by working your prospect list with emails and real-time follow-up calls that your appointments will develop. Today’s business marketing by phone is about building trust…strengthening relationships…and educating your prospects on how you can help them. Sure, it’s a process. But it pays you back with higher close rates and more repeat customers than one call telemarketing ever did. You may have overlooked this appointment setting strategy completely. Or have been hooked into trying it by call centers that are not suited for your particular industry niche.   But sales prospecting with the right personal touch is a practical way to get […]

Outreach developing new clients

Outreach Business Development Prospecting This tested approach may seem old-school But it works! Me doing Marketing Direct new client outreach. My outreach business development prospecting is not the usual telemarketing strategy used by call centers. I build a rapport to establish a credible business relationship over time and not with a single phone call. Seamless integration with your sales process. Intelligent dialog. Comprehensive pre-sales call campaigning With follow-up calls for enhanced lead nurturing and lead tracking so you know what’s going on with each prospect and each customer.  Immediate feedback on what your customers want And how you can satisfy that […]

Outreach call list

Building a good outreach call list takes some doing. All too easy to buy whatever list looks like a fit to what you need. My advice is look before you leap and piece together all the elements before you press the buy button. Here’s my advice for building a good outreach call list. Suggested this to one of my clients. Consider employment size 10 or more. Usually they have better directory tree for reaching the Owners. Do not rule out the smaller companies — but good to find out what the data counts are for the larger companies with 10 or more […]

Real-world outreach phone prospecting tips

Outreach phone prospecting tips Old school but they work! Building Good Outreach Lists George Clay So much of what you buy has contact data you need to clean up and update with accurate info. What to do? Build your own lists. Talk to people on the other end of the line! Find out who’s reachable and verify their contact information as well as how they prefer to be contacted. You’ll find prospects will appreciate this common courtesy, and they’ll generally end up sharing even more information that can eventually lead to maybe making a sale or two. Building good prospecting lists […]

Let’s keep in touch

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