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Business Lead Lists That Don’t Disappoint

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George Clay

Have business lead lists you purchased from business list brokers failed to perform?

Have you found their data expensive and often outdated?

Excellent Business Lead Lists

I want to tell you about a  small, family owned list company that delivers excellent business lists at very reasonable rates.

They’ve been around since 1984.

I’ve known about them only for a few years.

Their services I have recommened to clients looking for quality
mailing lists, telemarketing lists & email lists.

What I especially like about their service is they let you test small batches of leads — all at very reasonable rates! 

Can be a couple of hundred contact names to maybe one thousand contact names.

Work with those prospects before buying a bigger list.

 I’m  pleased to report that Marketing Direct is now a wholesale reseller of this business list provider.

Selecting leads by industry, job function, and a number of other demographics are pretty clear cut and easy to do.

Selections include:

  • Employee Size 
  • Type of business
  • SIC Code
  • Sales volume
  • Years in business
  • Phone numbers
  • Credit rating
  • Headquarters Geography
  • Executives by title
  • Franchises
  • Website Address
  • Medical professionals
  • Growing Businesses
  • Fortune Executive
  • New Businesses
  • Credit rating
  • Number of computers
  • Number of white collar
  • Manufacturing site

This business lead lists database is created from over 100 unique sources.

  • 19,000,000 Company Locations
  • 24,000,000 Executives.

The combined data represents over 75,000,000 business records which are merged, cleaned and passed against USPS software. 

In addition, over 20 million records are telephone verified to provide the highest accuracy available.

So if you need a list of companies that is up to date and meets the criteria that your particular service or product appeals to by all means call me and I can help you get the right data.

business lead lists

George Clay

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