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George Clay

Business Development Services Most Recent Verified Reviews 

George is easy to work with and responsive. Solid intel for prospects, many options to gain access to market; good follow through.                                Paul W., Santa Rosa, CA 12-12-2016—————————————————————————————————————-
Mr. Clay does the work that many of us do not like to do or in many cases do not have the time to do.
He develops and follows up on sales leads through targeted marketing and, more often than not, allow us to send additional information about our company which is the first step or foot-in-the -door to obtain new clients.
He is very professional and mindful of our potential clients sensitivities, and never aggressive.
He is a very effective marketing staff multiplier.                                                 R Bauer, Phoenix Arizona  11-14-2016——————————————————————————————
My experience with Marketing Direct has been positive overall, and I think that I am expecting some good results from them.
The only reason for the four-star rating is because it’s just early in the process–but I should give fives all around.I like their ability to learn information quickly and to do what they said they were going to do.
And, in terms of their attitude and agreeability, it has all been very, very positive.                                                                                                                     Gene J., Rockville, MD   11-03-2016
I am in the midst of my dealings with Marketing Direct Inc and I am quite happy with how the work has been going so far.
They have been very thorough with trying to understand my goals and what I need for my business.
They also took the time to really look over my business and qualify me as a good candidate, he does the same when calling out to potential clients, which is a great way to make sure we are getting quality customers.
Based on my experience so far, I will definitely continue to use their services, and I highly recommend them!    
                            Dave T., Colorado Springs, CO 10-31-2016

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