The communications revolution has changed everything

Geography, borders and time zones are becoming irrelevant to the way we conduct business, develop relationships and drive sales.

Your prospects may be around the corner or around the world.

Either way, your telephone and my direct outreach services can be effective for reaching  these folks.

My cold call prospecting services are more than one call telemarketing.
My cold call prospecting services are more than one call telemarketing.

And that's where I can help you.

Yes, it's by phone.

And all from my office here in San Diego.

But no matter where I call or who I am speaking with the same strategy applies...leading a prospect through the sales process and helping them learn more about  my client's business.

I'm pretty good at this distance based relationship building (hey, I like that phrase!).

Creating trust with each prospect is my primary goal ---

NOT making a sale.

Your calls are important…and making sure they’re done in exactly this way is why I don’t outsource to third party call centers.

It's NOT call center telemarketing...but a more personalized and effective sales process that warms up your prospects with low key follow-up calls that methodically qualifies their interest and then develops and nurtures that interest to the point where YOU take over to meet the prospect and close the sale.

But Can I Work Your Industry?

From technology to manufacturing to intangible goods and professional services a really good phone person can identify and generate sales opportunities for you s in ANY industry.

Yes! I said "any industry".

Sure, knowing your specific sales channel lingo helps.

But over-the-phone prospecting skills --- genuine friendliness...business savvy...good etiquette --- are even more important.

Learning YOUR Business

That said, the more background data and industry buzz words I have on your specific sales channel the better.
I'll need to spend time with you on the phone learning your key selling points and what makes your product or service outshine the competition.

Oh, one other thing.

For me, customer service is a BIG deal. 

So you gotta promise you'll deliver outstanding service to each prospect I bring your way.

Otherwise, this lead generation trial project will flop.

My First Client

My first client was a Fortune 1000 company called TEKTRONIX.

They manufactured high technology color printers.

My job was to drum upb2b sales lead generation services business for their top selling dealers across the USA.

I did this entirely by phone.

Back then work-group color printers were expensive, and NOT the relatively cheap commodity products they are today.
The sales process was lengthy and required lots of hand holding ---- especially when selling to the Fortune 500 market.
At first my prospect list was the leads TEXTRONIX generated from their inquiry generating ads in magazines.

These leads were turned over to me for phone follow-up and prospect qualify.  Most of these were duds!

How To Test My Strategic Calling Process

Small Controlled Test

You Pick Markets and List

200 Prospects Per Test

Test Month-To-Month

Cancel Any Time