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High-end Business Development Prospecting

 High-end business development prospecting explained High-end business development prospecting is not mass volume telemarketing. By prospecting and qualifying your leads in a personal and distinctive way I engage your prospects in meaningful, real-time one-to-one conversation to show them that         What you do is different.                   […]

Build Client Prospect Lists For Lead Generation Campaigns

An Effective Way You Can Build Client Prospect Lists For  Generating New Leads If you are running low on new prospects for your lead generation campaigns it’s time to pick up your phone and start making some calls. What I’m talking about is old school phone prospecting —-developing a base of well-qualified prospects interested in […]

Fix Your Sales Follow-up Call Process

Having an effective sales follow-up call process is where most sales organizations drop the ball.  What do I mean by effective sales follow-up call process? First of all, it is not sending out email blasts. And it’s NOT intrusive or annoying like the telemarketing calls you are used to getting. To be effective a sales […]

Acquiring New Customers Process Explained

Acquiring new customers using high-end telemarketinging process involving introductory cold calls and relationship-building real-time follow-up calls. A personal and distinctive way to engage hard-to-reach high level exectives without annoying phone calls common to call center telemarketing.

How To Make A Successful Phone Introduction

This Research Will Help You Make A Successful Phone Introduction What if I told you that when you introduce yourself on the phone to someone you are calling for the first time what callers hear on the other end has relatively little to do with what you are saying? Research in human communication bears this out. […]