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Strategic Calling To Acquire High-Value Customers

Strategic Calling to Pre-Empt Existing Suppliers in Niche B2B Markets It’s not mainstream marketing. And it won’t get you new customers overnight. But if you want to work your way into high-value accounts and develop key relationships that result in you getting a crack at becoming their vendor this may interest you. Only a small […]

High-Value Lead Development Process Explained

Acquiring High-Value Customers In Niche B2B Markets Only a small percentage of  leads offer you real sales  opportunities. Select niche batches of prospects you want developed. VP-level executives…CEOs…IT execs…Buyers…OEM or channel sales partners. Prospects you’ve met at trade shows Customers who have drifted away Subscribers to newsletters or webinars First Phase: High value lead development begins […]

Effective Sales Prospecting By Phone

Quick Lesson In Effective Phone Prospecting Effective sales prospecting by phone can empower your sales process in ways that make you a valuable addition to any sales organization. But are you approaching your prospecting with realistic goals? Granted, you want to book appointments or schedule demos or get referrals. Or at least find prospects worth […]

Tips For More Profitable Selling

Tests are important and help us understand our customers. Good selling is based on good testing. These wise words from Scientific Advertising.

Niche B2B Business Development

Niche B2B Business Development         Quantity vs. Quality My niche B2B business development cannot be replicated by mass volume telemarketing It boils down to how I interact with your prospect base. Your prospects get to know me. And with each follow-up call I get to know them better! First Phase: Introductory warm-cold […]