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Phone Lead Generation Test

Get updates on ways a Phone Lead Generation Test can help your business grow in ways that are practical, cost-effective and easy to test.

Lead Generation B2B Cold Calling Tips

Change your approach to generating leads by phone. Work your prospect list with methodical follow-up calls. These calls are HUGE. And that’s where most lead generation campaigns fail. The follow-up calls are neglected.

Sales Prospecting CRM Follow-Up Calls

Sales prospecting CRM calls forwards the sales process and keeps your sales prospects from drifting away. A little CRM goes a long way building loyalty.

Business Telemarketing Response Rates

Direct Marketing Association report finds outbound telemarketing delivers highest response rate of all media.

Lead Generation B2B List Building

Start lead generation b2b list building with small steps. Quantity is good. But quality is better. Lists of 100 or 200 key B2B prospects can work wonders.

Direct Marketing Sales Generation Book

Find more new customers for your business by using these tested direct marketing methods. Practical tested strategies for any marketing or lead generation campaign. Get small business help with these advertising tips.

Video e-Book explains Tested Direct Marketing Strategy

Use tested direct marketing trial projects to reach new markets and get new customers. Frugal market testing is in and the tested strategy of direct marketing is once again in favor. Especially in today’s economy small business marketing needs this strategy.

B2B Appointment Setting Explained

B2B appointment setting has changed. Face to face meetings matter, but their importance has diminished in the sales cycle. Here’s how to prospect smarter.

Direct Response Marketing Tips

Tested direct response marketing tips for any media. Sales campaigns, marketing promotions, lead generation, sales flyers. Use these tested tips and make more sales at less cost.

Effective Business Advertising Lessons

Realizing the power of effective business advertising on consumers, Wanamaker wrote many of the ads himself…filling them with conversational language that discussed the bargains of the day.

Telemarketing Math

B2B lead generation costs depend on dial­is per hour…total deci­sion maker con­tacts per phone hour…and total qual­i­fied sales leads per phone hour.

Lead Generation Test Strategy

Test B2B sales prospecting lead generation on a small scale. Keep it simple. Start one person doing the sales prospecting. Track and measure results.

Direct Response Marketing e-Book

When measured by direct response testing rather than by personal opinion you will be shocked how often marketing and advertising you think are winners are duds.

Sales Prospecting B2B Lead Generation Mistake

Avoid the most common cold calling mistake: trying to book your appointment on your first call. Use follow-up calls to engage your prospects with questions to probe their real needs and what you can do for them.

Sales Prospecting Lead Generation

Sales prospecting starts by finding the right prospects. Then, once you qualify their interest you begin the relationship building process…educating them — over time — on why they are better off buying from you rather than from your competitors.

Lead Generation Sales Process

Sales people who never before had to make an appointment need to learn how to build their own b2b prospect lists and then convert these folks into money making appointments.

Business Development Lead Generation Trial Projects

Call centers and telemarketing firms are easy to find. What I offer is not only different, but may NOT be suited for your business. Can I help you? Check this list to find out.

B2B Business Development

B2B business development tips

CRM New Business Development

CRM new business development tips to help you Edge Out Even Large, Well Funded Competitors! Why let competitors steal your customers? Try this instead.

Phone Prospecting Script

An effective lead generation sales script keeps you on course…controlling the progress and often the outcome of your call.